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Meet Chris Chaney: The man behind Hawk-Talk

Before creating Hawk-Talk I wrote for another site however felt many things were wrong at a management level and the site wasn't really delivering the content Seahawks fans deserve. Advanced stat analysis, well thought out recaps and in depth player analysis (with a focus on rookies) are all the things you can expect from Hawk-Talk. My wife told me I could do a better job and she's never wrong, you see. 

I'm a father, husband and avid Seahawks fan who has endured the lows and (many!) highs this team has given me. February 2nd 2014 will always go down as a monumental day in the Seahawks world and I hope we get to repeat that feeling!


Football is a fantastic game, I'm not much of a sports fan in general but love all things football and Seahawks related. It's the intricacy I love, the scheming, the planning and the sheer detail involved in the game, no other sport comes close to being as complex as football.


I love writing opinion pieces, specific player analysis, game previews and recaps as well as delving into front office chat and getting involved in explaining the salary cap and where the team stands currently and moving forwards.

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