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Dustin Mock
Aug 10, 2018

Preseason Game 1: Hox vs Colts


My thoughts:

The opening drive was great. I loved what I saw from everyone involved. We got to see Chris Carson is the clear #1 for the time being, we got to see Penny show some shiftiness, and we got to see the line actually hold up and create some holes. Our next team up though.. Man that line started collapsing fast xD Austin Davis wasn't pretty, RBs had no holes, lots of pressure. Rough one. Chris Carson - Beast. Give him 1 yard, he takes 4. Give him 7, he takes 12. ACL tear didn't slow him down a bit. Rashaad Penny - Showed speed and shiftiness, as well as didn't fall immediately over when contacted. Didn't take the game over but I liked what I saw. (Especially because most his time was spent after the first team, trying to run through a non existent line.) CJ Prosise - 404 Austin Davis - Did not look like the one of last year. Really hope McGough beats him out. Alex McGough - Had some really ugly moments, had some good ones too. Not helped by the line combinations playing at his time. Interested to see how he develops. Rasheem Green - Man he's making me look silly by bagging on him the way I did. I didn't think he'd be ready to really contribute significantly til next year, but he looked fast, consistent, and never quit on a play. 2 sacks, plenty of pressure.


Jacob Martin - This guy was a 6th round pick?! He looked explosive! So much potential there when we need it. I'm stoked!


Tedric Thompson - Dude looked like a hash to hash free safety. There was a stretch of 3 plays where he made or was in on the tackle in a row. He's gotten A LOT better! Delano Hill - I felt like Delano was playing a solid game. Made a good amount of stops, plugged his holes, and even has a strip that should have counted. He did, however, whiff on a solo tackle where he wrapped the RB behind the line of scrimmage and still let him power through, ending the game. :(


Shaquem Griffin - 'Quem was everywhere! Dude led the team in tackles! You could be forgiven for not knowing what position he plays, as he was making tackles in the backfield, just past LoS, and the Secondary. Jack Doyle did give him a rookie moment, though :P


Tre Flowers - He's so long. There's so much potential there cause it feels like he's always right there. I can see him being a monster with some development. His pass defense didn't look great. He was picked on a lot, too. But his tackling was solid, so there's that.

Jamarco Jones - Looked really good at RT for his short stint. Now to see how bad the injury is :(


Michael Dickson - Well, they weren't lyin'. The dude can casually punt 70 yards. I know I'm forgetting some... I'm legit excited about this team's potential, though I am kinda worried about depth at O-Line and DE. Hopefully we just don't get injured (Anymore).

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  • Dustin Mock
    Aug 25, 2018

    Whelp, Seahawks lost again. They won the first team activities though and got some good showing out of some players; that's what's important. 1. First team looked good. Line held up nicely, run game was there, pass game was there, I liked it. 2. Carson remains a great back. Mike Davis remains an underrated one. Both have good showings. Prosise didn't get a whole lot done. 3. David Moore is a lock for this team, he has to be. 4. Run D looked a lot better than it did vs the Chargers, but our D still doesn't feel solid. We have a lot of solid contributors showing their ceilings, though. It'll take time for all the youth to develop and Gel. We just need the offense to carry until that happens. 5. Akeem King isn't in my bubble anymore. I was iffy on him, thought maybe he was in but I think he had his worst game yet. I expect it to hurt him. 6. Austin Calitro continues to be the dark horse of that LB group. Got his name called again today. Likely this game marks the end of Beal's chances at taking the spot him and Callitro are likely battling over. 7. I love Alex McGough. His throws are hit or miss, but his ceiling shows. I would love to have him as a backup, developing behind Russ and having time with Shotty. I honestly doubt Davis beats him for the job. 8. Rasheem didn't get himself a sack today (I don't think), but I did like the pressure he brought with the first team. Still looks fast. Continues to embarrass me for saying he was my least favorite draft pick and making fun of him for getting punked by Dalton Schultz. 9. I'm starting to come around to this rd 5 punter pick. Michael Dickson is an absolute beast. I'm so excited when we "get to punt" xD 10. Seabass doesn't care how many cheeseburgers he ate today. He's here to sink field goals and a real man never skips out on his duties. Much better showing overall again Minnie than we have vs the Chargers.
  • Dustin Mock
    Aug 24, 2018

    Honestly this one was a rough watch. Writing this a few hours before our next game to document what I hope we see, then reflect if we saw it. 1. Chris Carson still looks great. RB1 for sure and I have supreme confidence in him. 2. Honestly the first team line looked alright outside of the hilarious Ifedi vs Ingram mismatch. What's concerning is Ifedi continued to struggle vs Melvin's backups. Hope Ifedi either cleans up a little vs Minnesota (lol), or Fant steps up. 3. David Moore looks like the type of receiver the Hox always seem to be able to find. Those that will fight through contested catches and make big plays when it counts. I feel like someone has to step up big to take his roster spot. 4. It's generous to say we had a run defense at all. It was bad (in comparison to what we're used to, I guess). Looking for a stronger run D vs Minnesota. 5. Mess with the Poon, you get the Ford. I think with this game Poona really cemented a position as a 5th DT if we end up holding 5. I think it's hard not to with Poona showing what he's made of. Hope it continues through the Vikings game.