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The Morning After: Seahawks fatigue as Titans O-Line imposes its will in 33-27 loss

Yesterday the (1-1) Seattle Seahawks traveled to Nashville to face the (1-1) Tennessee Titans. The Titans came out victorious and were the better team in all facets of the game. Here's a summary of what happened in their 33-27 loss.

I'll be the first to say the Seahawks always start slow. It's part of the Pete Carroll era Seahawks and has been like this since 2010, so, it's nothing new, although, losses like this don't get any easier. The Seahawks are the more talented team, no doubt about it, but hey just haven't been able to get things clicking. They will, though. Book it.

The Seattle offense is having a major identity crisis currently - they're not a power run team, they're not a finesse passing team, they're not a whole lot of anything at the moment. QB Russell Wilson looked shaky early on, the run game couldn't get going, passes were overthrown and dropped left, right ,and center causing constant three and outs. It's time to get Russ moving. He has made a living out of big, unscripted plays where he's seemingly running for his life only to make a 40 yard throw to a wide open receiver - they need more of this... immediately.

The defense had a strong first half; however, the heat and time of possession soon caught up as they gave up 33 points and over 400 yards (195 on the ground, no less).

CB Richard Sherman caused chaos with a late hit on Titans QB Marcus Mariota on the sidelines which drew multiple penalties from the officials and proceeded to argue his case (removing his helmet in the process drawing another flag) which was costly to Seattle. Mariota was classy about it and got straight back up and continued to play well. It clearly didn't phase him.

WR Doug Baldwin had a good day with 10 receptions on 15 targets totaling 105 yards and a TD. I hope the league continues to under appreciate him. He's consistent week in week out and has been for years. He does not get the recognition he deserves, outside of the Pacific North West, at least.

I was hoping pre-game that the Seahawks would avoid Titans rookie CB Adoree Jackson (one of my favorite players in the 2017 draft) on kickoffs and they did, mostly. He did return a punt to the house but a block in the back brought it back. This guy reminds me of Tyler Lockett if not better. A successful career in the NFL awaits this young man as he held his own in coverage as well. A great pickup by the Titans front office no doubt.

Overall the Seahawks showed promise with improvements on the offensive line, notably with Oday Aboushi coming in at RG. Not to mention scoring touchdowns in the first half of a game so it's not everyone at panic stations just yet. However there's definitely room for improvement and as touched on earlier, an identity needs to be found if the Hawks are going anywhere this season.

Seattle is facing the Indianapolis Colts in prime time at home this Sunday, a game they are heavy favorites to win. Keep an eye out for my pre-game notes on Thursday.

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