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Week 4 Preview: Seahawks host lowly Colts

This week sees the Indianapolis Colts travel to the Pacific North West to face the Seattle Seahawks at home in prime time. Nobody wants to face the Seahawks in the roaring 12th Man environment, especially when the Seahawks lost the week before, they’ll be going out there pissed off and searching for redemption no doubt.

The Colts are having a tough time without their franchise QB, Andrew Luck, under center, but is it going to be a sure win for the Seahawks? No. There’s no guaranteed win in this league as was so evidently proven with the league wide upsets in Week 3.

The Colts defense has been pretty awful to date giving up 46 points to the Rams and 28 points to the Browns (balking and chuckling at the same time). With that said, CB Vontae Davis is set to return this week for the Colts and he is no joke. They’ve also been pretty stout in run defense this season, putting up top 10 numbers league wide, given Seattle’s aim to run the ball it’ll be an interesting match up for sure.

Following WR Doug Baldwin's groin injury last week means he’ll be less than 100%: can Paul Richardson and Tyler Lockett step up? I hope so. We may even see more snaps from rookie Amaroh Darboh this week, who is potentially an exciting prospect who underwhelmed fans in the preseason. Given Indy’s strong run D it’ll be interesting to see if Seattle’s passing game struggles again.

It’s also easy to forget TE Jimmy Graham, he may very well be the main beneficiary to Baldwin’s injury, but with a shaky first three weeks - who knows? Second year hybrid RB/WR C.J. Prosise has been ruled out this week with a ‘significant’ ankle injury which is a real shame as he is a genuine ‘tilt the field’ type of player when healthy.

The Colts have the worst pass rush the Seahawks have faced this season which is reassuring, I think a massive part of the struggles with this offensive line is confidence. Maybe, just maybe we will see them gain some rhythm early and often. Maybe.

The Seahawks offensive line disaster is well documented just about everywhere you read so I won’t join the crowd and tell you what you already know, but at some point, things have to improve and facing a below par pass rush, at home, in prime time could be just what this unit needs to gain some much needed momentum.

I think we see an improved offense in the first half (although FAR from perfect) and a comfortable(ish) lead going into the half with a rough third quarter and a 4th quarter where the offense pick up again and successfully wear down the Colts D with the run.

Some stat predictions to finish things off:

Russell Wilson - 23 for 29 with 280 yards, 2TD & 0 interceptions

Chris Carson - 94 yards rushing, 50 of those in the 4th quarter

Score: Seattle Seahawks 27 Indianapolis Colts 10

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