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Trade Alert: Seahawks solidify offensive line bringing in Texans LT Duane Brown

On the eve of the NFL trade-deadline, after months of back-to-back negotiations John Schneider made the deal to bring Texans LT Duane Brown to Seattle.

Seattle gives up 5th year cornerback Jeremy Lane and draft compensation, namely a 2018 5th round pick and a 2019 2nd round pick. Much better than the 1st-rounder the Texans were originally after. Seattle already doesn’t have a second round pick in the 2018 draft so loosing their 1st and 2nd wouldn’t have been wise in the long term.

Looking a little more into Duane Brown and what he brings to the offensive line - 

Brown will come in and immediately replace current LT Rees Odhiambo, the weakest link of the offensive line. 

Having a trustworthy player covering Russell Wilson's blind side is huge, inside pressure has been pretty good for Seattle at the guard and center position, it's edge pressure that has caused the mass of Seattle's troubles. 

I have no doubt that Brown will be able to get up to speed and be ready to go for this Sundays game against the Redskins.

This could be just what the team needed to make a real push deep into the playoffs!

As always, Go Hawks!

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