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Seahawks Face Tough Strength of Schedule in 2018

Strength of schedule is always a bit of a funny one. Teams that performed well in 2017 may not necessarily perform at the same level next season however it's a pretty good indicator as teams rarely make either huge improvements or regressions season to season. Obviously, there are exceptions, but you know...

Here is the 2018 Strength of schedule from toughest to easiest -

#1 Green Bay Packers .539

Tied#2 Detroit Lions .535

Tied #2 New Orleans Saints .535

#4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers .531

T#5 Los Angeles Rams .523

T#5 Cleveland Browns .523

T#5 Seattle Seahawks .523

T#8 Arizona Cardinals .520

T#8 Chicago Bears .520

T#8 Minnesota Vikings .520

T#8 New York Giants .520

#12 Carolina Panthers .512

#13 Atlanta Falcons .509

#14 Washington Redskins .504

T#15 Dallas Cowboys .500

T#15 Miami Dolphins .500

#18 Buffalo Bills .496

T#19 Philadelphia Eagles .492

T#19 Kansas City Chiefs .492

#21 Baltimore Ravens .488

T#22 New England Patriots .484

T#22 Indianapolis Colts .484

#24 Los Angeles Chargers .480

T#25 New York Jets .477

T#25 Pittsburgh Steelers .477

T#25 Jacksonville Jaguars .477

T#25 Denver Broncos .477

T#29 Oakland Raiders .473

T#29 Cincinnati Bengals .473

#31 Tennessee Titans .465

#32 Houston Texans .453

Seattle’s opponents list is as follows –

Home – Los Angeles Rams

Away – Los Angeles Rams

Home – Arizona Cardinals

Away – Arizona Cardinals

Home – San Francisco 49ers

Away – San Francisco 49ers

Home – Green Bay Packers (again!)

Away – Chicago Bears

Home – Minnesota Vikings

Away – Detroit Lions

Home – Kansas City Chiefs

Away – Denver Broncos

Home – Los Angeles Chargers

Away – Oakland Raiders (in London)

Home – Dallas Cowboys

Away – Carolina Panthers

That’s some good (albeit tough) football games right there!

The three marquee matchups are, in my opinion, the home game against the Packers, the home game against the Vikings, the London game against the Raiders and the away game against the Panthers.

I will shortly be doing an article predicting the wins and losses for these games. It’s a bit early but as it’s the off season it won’t hurt. Plus, I will come back to it after free agency and the draft to make adjustments which may prove to be more accurate.

Until next time, Go Hawks!

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