The Way Too Early 2018 Season Win/Loss Prediction

Monday, February 19, 2018



Last Monday I wrote an article about the 2018 strength of schedule as well as all the opponents for the 2018 season.


Now, let me start off by saying it is way too early, totally inaccurate and borderline ridiculous to predict the wins and losses for this season in February, but as it’s the off season I thought it would be fun to make predications then come back to them at the end of the season to see how accurate (read: inaccurate) I was.


Without further ado –


Home - Los Angeles Rams


Loss. Although it won’t be in the same manner as last season, I hope.


Away – Los Angeles Rams


Loss. The Rams look dangerous in 2018 and, unfortunately, sweep Seattle.


Home – Arizona Cardinals


Win. The Cardinals are going to have a pretty poor season as they adapt to a new QB.


Away – Arizona Cardinals


Win. We beat them in their house.


Home – San Francisco 49ers


Win. The 49ers may be better next season, but you best believe the team will show up for this one.


Away – San Francisco 49ers


Win. Santa Clara is a home away from home


Home – Green Bay Packers


Win. This has got Sunday Night Football written all over it. The Seahawks beat the Packers in a close one. This will be the Eagles game of 2017.


Away – Chicago Bears


Win. I don’t anticipate the Bears causing too many issues, although this team has been known to play down to lesser opponents.


Home – Minnesota Vikings


Loss. The Vikings will continue their dominance and beat us at home.


Away – Detroit Lions

Win. The Lions are a good football team but the Seahawks are better. I think this one will played in either September or very early October.


Home – Kansas City Chiefs


Loss. The Seahawks continue their less than dominant home record of late as lose one to the Chiefs.


Away – Denver Broncos


Win. This team schemes Von Miller out of the game with a quick passing game (WHAT?!).


Home – Los Angeles Chargers


Loss. The Chargers have a strong defensive front which proves too much for the (much improved) Seahawks offensive line


Away – Oakland Raiders


Win. The Seahawks put on a show for all their European fans and pull out a win in London.


Home – Dallas Cowboys


Loss. The Cowboys want redemption for the loss on Christmas Eve of 2017 and get it.


Away – Carolina Panthers


Loss. Much to my disgust Cam Newton has a hell of a game and beats the Seahawks.


So, that puts the Seahawks at 9-7 for the Season. Will that be enough to get into the playoffs this year? I think the Rams record will be slightly better so they take the division, maybe 9-7 will be enough to get in via a wild card? Lets hope…

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