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Could Seattle Make a Superstar Signing This Offseason?

It goes without saying that Seattle has been known to be aggressive in the off season. Not so much in free agency, however they have been aggressive with both trades and the draft in the past, but are they likely to adopt this approach in 2018? The more important question is ‘can they afford to’?

As it stands, not really.

However, the team does have some options with players currently on the 2018 roster that could be moved on to create cap room for a player. Below is a list of all the players that make sense to move purely from a cap perspective. It’s important to point out that I’m in no way advocating the release any of these players, simply pointing out that if Seattle wanted to free up cap space, these contracts would fit the bill whilst minimizing dead money hits.

But who could that superstar signing be? If it came via trade it would obviously be for a player currently under contract in 2018 so the list of possible candidates could be large. As there’s been no rumours surrounding this I’m going to focus on players that will be available for the team to sign via free agency at positions of need. It’s a waste of everyone’s time suggesting Kirk Cousins because it’s not going to happen. These are simply big names that would warrant a large contract.

Running Back – Le’Veon Bell

Wide Receiver – Jarvis Landry - Update - Franchise Tagged by the Dolphins

Wide Receiver – Sammy Watkins

Wide Receiver – Allen Robinson

Guard – Andrew Norwell

Defensive Line - Star Lotulelei

Defensive Line – Sheldon Richardson

Cornerback – Trumaine Johnson

Outside of Allen Robinson, Sheldon Richardson and Andrew Norwell, I don’t anticipate the Seahawks even making a phone call to put the feelers out. I’d go as far as to say I am 95% confident the team wouldn’t release one of their high earners to sign anyone out of those three. Given Norwell won’t be on the market for longer than an hour or two and Allen Robinson could well be put on the franchise tag, that leaves Sheldon Richardson.

So, if the team did decide to let Richardson walk and pick up the 2019 comp pick, that only leaves a blockbuster trade. Given their (current) lack of second round and third round picks, trading the 18th overall pick in the first round seems incredibly unlikely as well. However as free agency starts we may see players be moved for draft picks, but who knows.

In summary, I think it’s highly unlikely Seattle makes any splash signings this March however there’s no harm in having a look at the options and what is, at the very least, possible for the team.

As always, Go Hawks!

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