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Mock Draft 3.0 (2 versions!)

I thought it was about time I did another mock draft, as per my last mock, I have moved over to using They seem far more realistic and also use multiple different draft boards so you get a much better understanding of where players are likely to go.

I’m doing this one a bit differently, there is actually two mock drafts below.

The first mock assumes Earl is traded and the other assumes they don’t get appropriate value and he remains on the roster for 2018

Firstly, the trades.

Earl is traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars for their first round pick (#29) and their fourth round pick (#130)

Seattle trades #29 (acquired from the Jags) to the Patriots for #31 and a fourth (#136)

Seattle trades #18 to the Cleveland Browns for two second round picks and a fourth (#33 & #64 & #115)

Seattle trades a 4th, 4th and 5th to the Giants for their round 3 pick 5 selection

That gets them to their magic number of 11 picks across the draft with the following selections –

Round 1/29

Round 2/1

Round 2/32

Round 3/5

Round 4/14

Round 4/29

Round 5/4

Round 5/9

Round 5/31

Round 7/8

Round 7/30

Onto the selections –

Round 1/29 – Will Hernandez – OG - UTEP

Round 2/1 – Josh Sweat – EDGE – Florida State

Round 2/32 – Nick Chubb – RB - Georgia

Round 3/5 – Jessie Bates III – FS – Wake Forest

Round 4/14 – Shaquem Griffin – LB - UCF

Round 4/29 – Ian Thomas – TE - Indiana

Round 5/4 – Bo Scarbrough – RB - Alabama

Round 5/9 – Micah Kiser – LB - Virginia

Round 5/31 – Tre’Quon Smith – WR - UCF

Round 7/8 – Jordan Thomas – CB - Oklahoma

Round 7/30 – Daniel Carlson – K - Auburn

Some notes –

Pete Carroll has said multiple times now that their number one priority is fixing the run game. Drafting Hernandez and Chubb goes a long way in accomplishing that

Jessie Bates III was expected to go much earlier than he did. I was planning on picking up Natrelll Jamerson a bit later on but when Bates fell I had to take the pick

I feel a pulled the trigger on Josh Sweat a bit too early but with no other selections until right at the end of round 2, I decided to get him while I could

Some may argue that Griffin won’t be available in the mid fourth, however I suspect some teams will be wary and it’s entirely possible he goes in this round

Now onto the mock whereby Earl remains on the team –

With picks severely limited I traded pick #18 to the Colts for two second rounder’s

I also traded three of Seattle’s four 5th rounder’s with Miami for their third rounder

During the draft I was also offered a trade by the Texans where they moved up from 3/16 to 3/9 and also threw in their 3/34 as well

The draft board looks like this –

Round 2/4

Round 2/17

Round 3/16

Round 3/34

Round 4/20

Round 5/4

Round 7/8

Round 7/30

And the picks –

Round 2/4 – Ronald Jones II – RB - USC

Round 2/17 – Leighton Vander Esch – LB – Boise State

Round 3/16 – Auden Tate – WR – Florida State

Round 3/34 – Duke Ejiofor – EDGE – Wake Forest

Round 4/20 – Tarvarus McFadden – CB – Florida State

Round 5/4 – Dalton Schultz – TE - Stanford

Round 7/8 – KJ Malone – OG - LSU

Round 7/30 – Eddy Piniero – K - Florida

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