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My Top 75 'Seahawky' Players Across all Positions and Rounds

When the draft comes round I always like to have a list of names that I have looked at in the past year and have been impressed with. It’s always fun to see where my projections sit in terms of their real draft status and how many of them actually become Seahawks.

I usually do a list of 75 names and this year is no different. There are players from every position at all rounds on my list. It would get pretty boring pretty quickly if I focused only on round 1 or round 2 for example, much more fun to scope out the entire range!

This year I thought I’d share my list with all you lovely readers. You can mock it, enjoy it, use it during the draft or spit on your computer/phone screen at your disgust, the choice is totally yours.

Without further ado…

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