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It's almost time for Pete Carroll's #SeahawksDraftClues...Let's look back at previous ye

Anyone who even remotely follows the Seahawks during draft season will be aware of the clues Pete Carroll puts out on Twitter during the draft, however if you're not aware - Pete tweets various clues to players they are going to draft (or at least anticipate drafting). They're usually pretty hard to guess and even the most informed in Seahawks world struggle to guess correctly, but regardless, it's fun, right?

I did some digging and managed to find a tweet from Pete way back in 2014, I remember him doing them as far back as 2012 but Twitter won't let me go back that far.

There are 3 clues that stand out here -

  • Matt Foley

  • Van

  • Down by the river

Connecting the pieces, this tweet was in relation to Jordan Matthews.

Matt Foley = MATThews

Van = Vanderbilt, the school that Matthews attended

Down by the river = Tennessee’s Cumberland River, which is situated very close to Vanderbilt

Matthews was, of course, not drafted by Seattle in the end. He went to the Eagles in the second round with the 42nd overall pick, but Pete was very interested in him.

Easy, right? Yeah...Maybe not.

Let's take a look at another from 2014 -

This next one is probably the easiest, but only once the draft had concluded -

This is arguably the trickiest and long winded clue Pete has done, let me explain...

Will Ferrell’s father in the movie'"Step Brothers" was played by Richard Jenkins. Richard being the key word here...Paul Richardson, of course!

This clue could have also meant WR Josh Huff who had a VMAC visit with the team prior to the draft that year. Will Ferrell’s name in the film was Brennan Huff.

Let's fast forward to 2016...

This is another pretty easy one in retrospect. Eddie Murphy = Germain IfEDI.

He's talking about dogs, a breed of dog is a pit bull, Quinton Jefferson is from Pittsburgh...Incase you missed that, PITtsburgh.

Last but not least -

Last but not least, this one seems to cover a few players. It may have been Pete's intention for this to be relating to a single player but the clue says otherwise...

The key word is "west". The following players all have connections with this word...

  • Germain Ifedi went to Westside High School

  • Nick Vannett is from Westerville, Ohio

  • George Fant went to Western Kentucky

  • Trevone Boykin went to West Mesquite High School

As is pretty obvious, it's more luck if you manage to successfully link the clues with the correct player and retrospect is almost always needed and for good reason, Pete isn't going to obviously show his hand to who the Seahawks are drafting, that would be silly.

None the less, though, the exercise is fun and I can't wait for the draft clues for 2018 to roll around, keep an eye on the Hawk Talk Twitter page where I'm sure we will all be discussing them!

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