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2018 Season Predictions Part I - Player Stat Predictions

With free agency in it’s last stage (I’m sure there will still be several moves made given any signings now don’t count against the comp pick formula), the draft done and dusted, next up is camp and preseason in the not too distant future.

Before we start concentrating on that I’d like to do an article making some predictions for next season, I’m going to be doing individual player predictions, season record predictions and general stat predictions because why not?! I will be making a point of doing this every offseason going forwards so we can all have a good old chuckle about how wrong I was year after year, who’s with me? For this piece, I am focussing on player predictions including things like total yards, attempts, completions, receptions, rushing attempts, touchdowns, defensive snaps, sacks, passes defended, tackles for loss etc. In essence - Everything!


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