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Rookie Roll Call Part II

Rookie Roll Call: Defense/Special Teams

Rasheem Green

Draft Pick: Round 3, 79th Overall

Position: Defensive End

College: USC (Junior)

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 275lbs

College Career in Numbers

The Hawk Talk Verdict:

Potential. It’s a word banded around a lot, especially among draft prospects and new draftees. Green has a tremendous upside but it is likely he’ll need time to fill out his frame, work on his technique and adjust to the strength and speed of NFL linemen.

His college tape is pretty good, he lined up at DT as well as DE, he has a great power rush when he sets his hands early, although he doesn’t quite have the speed or finesse to be an elite NFL rusher – YET.

One of the things I really liked from his tape, is that Green has a knack of getting his big mitts up at the line of scrimmage to bat balls down, whether they be from the hand of a quarterback or from the boot of a kicker (Green tied for 5thnationally with 2 blocked field goals last season).

Many thought Green should have stayed in school for his senior year, with one scout even suggesting he could have been a top 10 pick next year with another year of work on his body and game. This leads me to believe that the Seahawks brass sees him as a developmental project who may need a redshirt year before he really comes into his own as a starter.

Best Case Scenario:

Green starts the season as a redshirt, and by the bye week, is being brought into the game in special packages. By the end of the season he’s filled out his frame and has improved enough to be a starter, forming a fierce pass rushing duo with Frank Clark.

Worst Case Scenario

Injuries and poor play mean Seattle leans on green too much this season and he gets exposed as being not NFL ready right now. He’ll still have a chance to improve in the off season but his confidence may get hit.

Shaquem Griffin

Draft Pick: Round 5, 151stOverall

Position: Linebacker

College: UCF (Senior)

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 227lbs

College Career in Numbers

The Hawk Talk Verdict:

I’ll let you in to a secret, this is the one rookie I’ve been most excited to write about. He’s a really special talent. I was so so happy when it was announced that Shaquem was going to join up with his brother in Seattle. After all, they’ve been inseparable since birth. His brother, Seahawks starting corner Shaquill, even refused to attend UCF unless they recruited Shaquem too.

Anyway, let’s talk about his football game. Shaquem really jumps off the tape when you watch the UCF defense, his speed off the mark is exceptional and he doesn’t give up on plays. Griffin covers a ridiculous amount of ground in coverage. He tackles like a truck and has a talent for forcing fumbles.

His speed should be a great asset if Seattle asks him to rush the passer, his college tape regularly shows him blowing past edge defenders and wreaking havoc in the backfield.

Now, let’s have a look at some of Shaquem’s career achievements to date:

  • AAC Defensive player of the year 2016

  • 2x First team All-AAC

  • 2ndteam All-American 2017

  • Fastest 40 yard dash time ever by a Linebacker at the NFL combine. (4.38)

Those are nice additions to any athlete’s resume. Seeing Shaquem line up next to his brother this year should lead to a few more additions to the list. He has the speed, strength, heart to achieve at the NFL level, and I look forward to watching him play.

Oh!! Almost forgot. He only has 1 hand too.

Best Case Scenario:

Griffin slots in perfectly on the Seahawks weak side and contributes on special teams. He gets plenty of opportunity to once again prove to everyone that there is no reason at all that he should be counted out because of how many hands he has.

Worst Case Scenario

Not even talking about it. He’s the feel good story of the draft, I’m not about to spoil that.

Michael Dickson

Draft Pick: Round 5, 149thOverall

Position: Punter

College: Texas (Junior)

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 205lbs

The Hawk Talk Verdict:

He’s a punter. Seattle traded up to get him. Seattle drafted a punter before any offensive linemen. Jon Ryan is still on the roster.

This is going to reek of negativity but I just don’t see how our punter situation is dire enough to trade up for a punter. Jon Ryan is one of the better punters in the NFL, ANDhe’s been on Ninja Warrior. I cannot recall a game of football when a punter has been the deciding factor. This was not a priority, however good the kid was at Texas.

A punter is only as good as his coverage team, and the new additions to the team such as Shaquem Griffin should ease Dickson’s path to success (if there is such a thing for a punter).

To be fair to Dickson, he was awarded the 2017 Texas Bowl MVP. HOW BAD WAS THAT GAME FOR A PUNTER TO BE MVP??!?!?!

To put it bluntly, I don’t like the pick, I think the Seahawks have a perfectly good punter in Jon Ryan, and have much more significant holes to fill than at punter.

Best Case Scenario:

He punts better than Jon Ryan

Worst Case Scenario

He punts worse than Jon Ryan

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