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Seahawks Football is Back, Baby!

This offseason has been somewhat different for a number of reasons and I really have swayed between “we’re going nowhere this year” and “why not us”. Where am I now? Oddly, I don’t know. I’m trying to go into this season with minimal expectations, maybe I’m subconsciously avoiding disappointment, who knows? Maybe I’m going to be blown away but what the players do on the field? I certainly hope it’s the latter.

This is a year I think we see a slight transition to relying on the defense to bail us out. Russell Wilson is going to continue being Russell Wilson but it’s fair to have some optimism with his supporting cast. The offensive line looks like it has a half way chance of being semi competent, the run game is surely going to be better and I’m quietly confident that a lot more people around the NFL are going to know who David Moore is, too.

At the time of writing this we are just under 2 hours away from seeing the Seahawks take to the field against the Broncos on the road. Am I expecting a beatdown ala Super Bowl 48? Not quite, however I am fairly confident they are more than capable of beating them. Given how week 1 can be a bit shaky across the whole NFL landscape I’m going to avoid making any scoring prediction (27-23 Seahawks…what?) however I’m more excited than anything that I actually get to enjoy watching this team play football again, the final score comes kind of secondary to that…kinda’.

So who am I expected to see play? The list is long. How will Shaquem fair? Is David Moore going to play how I’m expecting him to? Is Chris Carson going to continue on his journey to greatness? Lots of questions and fortunately, we don’t have to wait long to watch it all unfold.

It feels so good to be back writing about the Seahawks. My wife and I had a baby back in June so my attention has very much been geared towards my family and a new job but now football is back, it only felt right to get my fingers on the keyboard again. I didn’t even plan on writing this article so it’s very much ‘type and see what happens’, my apologies if my lack of preparation shows!

I hope Seahawks fans all around the world are as excited as I am to have Seahawks football back, go Hawks!

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