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Red Alert Week 3 - ETIII Special

It’s that time of the week again 12’s!! And what a week this has been!! Our first win of the season over Dallas, and a comprehensive one at that. Let’s take a look at some talking points for the week.

From Last Week

The offense was vastly improved at home, whether it was a tweak in the play calling, or whether it was the comfort of home support, we moved the ball better this past Sunday. Chris Carson assumed a role as the go to running back in the rotation as Rashaad Penny continues to struggle (unless he’s at burger king it seems). We also scored our first touchdown not involving Russell Wilson since week 4 of last season.

On the note of our embattled man under center; Russell Wilson made far more quick rhythm throws and spread the ball nicely around his receiving corps that were once again sans Doug Baldwin. Tyler Lockett reminded us that he’s still a lethal deep threat, while also making some useful plays closer to the line of scrimmage. Brandon Marshall once again chipped in with some nice plays, including an eye-popping catch whilst wearing Dallas cornerback Chidobe Awuzie as a thermal vest. Nick Vannett reminded us that he still exists, in the midst of all the Will Dissly hype and Jaron Brown caught his first touchdown pass as a Seahawk.

The Defense stifled Dak Prescott and his Cowboys teammates all day. Key sacks and turnovers contributed to a dominant performance, with the Cowboys only reaching double figures well into garbage time. It’s always a struggle to find debate after such a dominant performance, but nonetheless, I will try.

Doubting Thomas

Yes people, this week is an Earl Thomas special. Every other media outlet has been harping on about the situation, so I thought now would be the correct time to throw my considerable bulk into the media frenzy.

Number 29’s future in the Pacific Northwest has been fodder for every good sports media outlet since his “come get me” incident after our game with Dallas last year. The gossip train gathered pace this summer, with ETIII holding out until the eve of the season. But the past 3 weeks, to me, have been proof that the Seahawks are bungling this whole saga. From the outside looking in it seems the brass have no interest in extending Earl. Which is a damn shame. Since 2010 the first rounder out of Texas has proved time and time again that he is THE premier free safety in the NFL.

This weekend ramped the trade talk up to a level as fervent as it’s ever been, with Kansas City and Pittsburgh emerging as potential suitors, joining Dallas in stirring the gossip pot. There is no winning for Seattle in this situation, even if they do land the first round pick that they seem to covet in exchange. Trading a known commodity for an unknown one is always unwise, irrelevant of how many players may be impressing our scouting teams roaming the NCAA.

Picking up another two interceptions last weekend to go with his one against Denver, Thomas is currently tied atop the INT standings, and shows no sign of letting up. He is also very near the top of the team’s tackle standings through 3 weeks, showing that the holdout hasn’t affected his gameplay whatsoever. If John and Pete believe that our play won’t drop off with Tedric Thompson playing free safety then they’re clearly smoking things other than those legal in the state of Washington. Please don’t take this as a slight on Tedric, I’m sure he’ll work his tail off for the team and may well perform to a level that the team brass are happy with. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind though, that our best way forward is with ETIII roaming our secondary alongside underrated safety partner Brad MacDougald.

Myself and Hawk Talk’s Chris Chaney have talked about this matter, and the cap situation looks plenty healthy enough to accommodate an extension for Earl that would make him the highest paid safety in football. Chris did raise the point that team may not want to be tied to a multi-year deal for a player in his 30s, running the risk of paying over the odds for a player in decline. I don’t share this risk-averse strategy though. If this is indeed a “reload” year and not a rebuild, as Pete and John keep telling us, then to me it seems that key pieces need to remain. On the offensive side of the ball that would be Wilson, Baldwin and Duane Brown as a minimum. On the Defensive side I’d say that Bobby Wagner should be retained, along with the guy I always saw as the jewel in the crown of the Legion of Boom.

I very much doubt that the top brass in Renton are reading this, but in any of the parallel universes that they might be: Gentlemen, I implore, nay beg you to please reach out to Earl Thomas, forgive his indiscretions this offseason and PAY THE MAN!!

Panic Level – Amber

If Thomas is indeed traded, I see no situation in which we win, even if we find the next Earl Thomas playing somewhere in the SEC. We still don’t know how such a player would translate to the NFL, and such a player would no doubt require time to season into anywhere the all-pro caliber player that we’d be letting go.

The rating is as high as it is simply because of the lack of noise coming from the Seahawks front office. It worries me that if they don’t move soon, we could risk not only losing the best safety currently playing football, but we’ll lose him for free.

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